Sexually Liberated.

— The time has come to talk about hookups.

Have you ever talked to a guy and thought it was actually going somewhere then at around 3am he’s calling you for a booty call? — Or even worst, you’re having a normal conversation with a guy and out of now where he asks you if you’re a freak.

I mean c’mon, am I a freak? what are you trying to insinuate? And isn’t that kind of middle school kitty talk?

Within the last week, four guys have reached out to me over Instagram. I would say that out of those four guys only one of them seems to be genuinely interested in getting to know me. While the other three are probably only interested in a hookup. In this situation, it seems that my options are clear. — Either I can hook up with any of the three guys, or I can give the one guy a real chance, or I can even say forget them all. Now maybe if they would’ve asked me a year ago, I might’ve been down with the first option. But time has gone by, and I’ve realized that I’m just not that type of girl. — But there’s also absolutely nothing wrong with being that type of girl.
Last weekend my cousins started to fist fight after a conversation went left. Yes, they’re crazy, but as their fists were swinging back and forth. One of them called the other one a hoe, and of course, from there it went WAY left. 

As I pushed my small body in between them to break up the fight, I screamed: “you should not call your sister a hoe — she’s just sexually liberated!” Then the fists slowed for a second then picked back up until they finally cooled off. 


As we all probably know, “hooks up are all about throwing off the bonds of relationships and dating for carefree sex,” says Donna Freitas, a writer for The Washington Post. 

We all also know that men are praised for partaking in hookups while women are shamed and seen as a hoe and/or slut. 

As Katie Tighe, a writer for Elite Daily puts it, “this is known as the slut vs. stud debacle.” Where “if a girl hooks up with a select few guys in a fraternity she’s deemed a slut. Whereas a guy who sleeps with an entire sorority pledge class is applauded for his valor.”

Many of us know this scenario so why do we keep entertaining this double standard?

It’s 2018! Women shouldn’t still be shamed for experimenting or liking sex without strings attached. It’s time for us to let that small-mindedness and degrading thinking go. Starting today let’s stop viewing one another as hoes and sluts for engaging in hookups. Let’s instead see ourselves as sexually liberated and a woman that’s in control. 

So if your a girl that’s experimenting or likes hooking up, then said best by Ariane Marder, a writer for Glamour, “go ahead and get yours, girl.”  

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